Performance Sports Limited 5 CHAPTER2 KOKO

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Michael Pryde
  • Client
    Performance Sports Ltd

The KOKO was designed with one objective in mind. To be the fastest and most comfortable Aero Road Bike in the market.

Air resistance is the single most critical factor separating a fast bike from a bike that cuts through the air like a bird. KOKO means “to soar, fly” in Māori, and as the name suggests, the KOKO is designed to deliver a truly unique experience.

Creating an Aerodynamically efficient form factor whilst delivering a comfortable all-day riding experience is the holy grail of the Aero Road category. The deeper aero tube sections create the perfect synergy of aero and stiffness for a Pro Level bike but adversely produce a ride quality that can be jarring and energy sapping.

To deliver a buttery smooth and composed experience, the rider can adjust the amount of compliance on the KOKO by up to 8% via an innovative double-position Seatclamp. The Standard setting already takes advantage of the “D-Shaped” section Seatpost, designed to flex and provide an isolating effect from rougher road surfaces. With the Seatclamp installed in the lower Enhanced location, the KOKO delivers a silky smooth ride, yet has performance qualities in the frame to ensure every ounce of the pedal stroke is transferred efficiently to the rear wheel to produce forward motion.

All the cables and hydraulic hoses for the KOKO are integrated into the Frame and Handlebar’s structure to maximise Aerodynamic performance. With up to 600pcs of Toray Carbon from Japan carefully hand laid into a stainless steel mould for the Frameset and MANA Handlebar, every surface of the structure has been designed to blend seamlessly into one another.

Taking the RERE’s (KOKO’s predecessor) Aero credentials to the next level, the KOKO now has Kamm-Tail profiles incorporated into the downtube, increasing the overall stiffness of the bottom bracket and headtube by 13.35% and 35.64%, respectively. Married to our aerodynamically optimised and ergonomic MANA bar, the combination makes for a super sleek, high-performance racing machine.

Further engineering gains have been achieved via the use of Latex Mandrels for the frame’s front triangle to carefully control the carbon fibre wall thickness during production. The inclusion of a T47 Bottom Bracket creates a super rigid platform for transferring every pedal stroke into exhilarating speed. Other well-considered details such as 32mm of tire clearance, vibration dampening Seatstays, and Seatpost makes for a package that ticks all the right boxes of a modern racing bike.

Available as a frameset only in 6 sizes in a variety of beautiful New Zealand-inspired colourways to suit every taste, even the packaging has been carefully designed to protect the frameset and deliver that “wow” moment when the frame arrives at the doorstep.