MWDesign 10 Golf BOAR™ (Ball On A Rope)

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Mike Williams, Georgia Fulton
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Philippa Eddy
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Conrad Engelbrecht, Wynand Fourie
  • Client

The Golf BOAR™ (Ball On A Rope) is an intuitive, user friendly, compact golfing product, created to make practicing golf affordable, fun and accessible in any outdoor space.

Designed for users of any age and skill, Golf BOAR™ is a low-cost, fast to set-up solution for golf enthusiasts who may not have the luxury of time or money needed for high-tech competitor products on the market, or a trip to the driving range.

A three-step setup allows users to be swing-ready in under a minute. Slide the stake out and clip into the central pivot point, push into the lawn, unclip and pull the ball to unravel the string. Users can use any club to hit the ball repeatedly over the product, with unlimited power, range of flight or direction.

The patent-pending string embedment design in the ball does not damage the club faces nor hinders the golfer’s natural swing or flight of the ball. The free pivoting movement of the frame around the stake in the ground allows the ball to fly naturally through the air within a controlled range. It also allows the string to unwind easily when the user sets the product up, just by pulling the ball.

Golf BOAR™ aesthetics align with analogous golf technology. The slimline, chamfered form is both visually and structurally strong, whilst using minimal material to create a lightweight, durable product.

Struts enhance the strength of the main body, reducing stress on the product when the ball is hit. The spring also reduces force expelled onto the main body, whilst softening the bounceback of the golf ball, allowing it to fall/return to the user safely. This enables the user to spend more time focusing on their technique and less time retrieving balls.

Materials within the product are hard-wearing and weather resistant, enabling the user to leave the product set up in their back garden.

The design enables a reduction in material and components. The open shape design and ability to pack down into a compact configuration, reduces material, size and weight for the user when carrying it in their golf bag as well as minimizing manufacture and shipping cost for the end user.

The product ergonomics allow the user to carry it in one hand comfortably, whilst the top edge of the product provides additional surface area to push it into the ground with either a hand or foot. The device can be held with one hand whilst the other winds the string around the main body when the user is finished using the product. The ball clip within the main body prevents the ball from unraveling in a golf bag or during shipping.

The Golf BOAR™ brand on the main pivot point of the product, as well as the ball, showcases the brand identity and colours across both the 8 and 15 metre string length variations. The dark grey and bright orange highlights used are typical of sports and golfing products, integrating well within golfing retail outlet displays.