Miele New Zealand Limited 3 Miele G 7000 dishwasher range

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Andreas Enslin (Head of Miele Design Centre/Germany)
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Rudi Niemoeller (Category Marketing Manager/Miele Australia)

Concept design creativity and innovation

Miele have recognised that many consumers have become increasingly time-poor and require products which assist them to make their everyday chores as convenient as possible. With the development of its latest G 7000 dishwasher series, Miele has effectively invented a new type of dishwasher which almost works autonomously and delivers World First dishwashing freedom – thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk. This system dispenses detergent automatically. Furthermore, the dishwashers can be controlled by app and programmed from a mobile device. All the user needs to do is to load and unload the machine and occasionally replace the PowerDisk.

Fit for purpose and ergonomics

All G 7000 models with AutoDos and integrated PowerDisk will automatically dispense the required amount of detergent at the appropriate programme stage. One PowerDisk contains enough powder granulate for approximately 20 dishwashing programmes. All AutoDos models can be connected to the Internet via Wifi and controlled via an app from a mobile device. With the AutoStart function, it is possible to pre-programme the dishwasher to always start at the same time, or to programme different starting times and even different programmes for weekdays and others for weekends. This provides a truly unprecedented level of dishwashing autonomy and convenience.
The innovative formulation of the granulate in the PowerDisk guarantees both powerful and gentle cleaning. It dissolves fast and contains special enzymes for an effective wash, even at low temperatures, as well as active oxygen for thorough cleanliness and freshness, and protection factors for silver and glassware. Rinse aid and dishwasher salt are also included.

Aesthetic/Appearance and style

Miele’s latest G 7000 dishwasher range is available in a variety of design options and colours to suit any well-made kitchen. Its understated design oozes quality and durability – both from a functional and visual perspective. Touch control elements on the dishwashers themselves, or remote operation from a mobile device, are both unambiguous and self-explanatory. Other typical Miele features include LED interior lighting (BrilliantLight), and opening the handle-less door of the handleless fully integrated models by simply knocking on the front (Knock2open).

Technical resolution, sustainability and quality

During development phase of the latest G 7000 dishwasher series, Miele tested the functionality of core components under controlled laboratory settings with 5,600 dishwashing cycles using varying wash programs which simulate 20 years’ average use within an average household. The durability of the product is its first sustainability benefit – the longer a product lasts, the less likely there is the need for premature replacement.
A completely redesigned water circuit is aimed at preserving natural resources, bringing water consumption when tested under European Standards down to as little as 6 l, and raising energy efficiency to ‘A+++ minus 10%’. When tested to Australian Standards, all the latest Miele G 7000 dishwashers have achieved a 6.0 star water rating and a 4.5 star energy efficiency rating.
The fact that the amount of detergent dispensed is precisely adjusted for each and every individual programme can also lead to significant detergent savings compared to manual dispensing. In the Automatic programme, the amount of detergent dispensed will even be adjusted depending on the level of soiling inside the dishwasher.