Miele New Zealand Limited 3 Miele Dialog Oven

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Andreas Enslin (Head of Miele Design Centre/Germany)
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Rudi Niemoeller (Categor Marketing Manager/Miele Australia)

Concept design creativity and innovation

The Miele Dialog oven is the biggest innovation leap in cooking technology since the introduction of induction cooktops. It is a truly revolutionary new appliance which can achieve the seemingly impossible, for example, cook fish embedded in the centre of a block of ice – without the ice melting.
Miele’s designers were tasked to develop an oven which would cook much faster than conventional ovens, whilst at the same time maintaining a very gentle cooking process to achieve superior results.

Fit for purpose and ergonomics

In a Miele world first, M Chef technology is being deployed where conventional oven functions are being combined with electromagnetic waves in a range of frequencies which respond to the texture of the food in an intelligent manner. Apart from innovative dishes such as cooking fish in a block of ice without the ice melting, or cooking a fillet of veal in a jacket of beeswax without the wax melting, the true benefits and advantages of the Miele Dialog Oven become evident in everyday household use. It is, for example, possible to combine dissimilar fresh ingredients for an entire meal (such as a leg of lamb, green asparagus and potato wedges) on an oven tray at the same time, and cook them together, done to perfection, at exactly the same time, and up to 70% faster than using conventional cooking methods.
The Dialog Oven can also function as a conventional oven, thanks to its 16 traditional oven functions, as well as more than 100 automatic cooking programmes. An integrated roast probe food thermometer can be programmed to precisely monitor the core temperature of the food, whilst the pyrolytic cleaning programmes will save a lot of time and effort whenever the oven cavity may need a thorough clean.

Aesthetic/Appearance and style

At first glance, the Miele Dialog Oven looks like other ovens in Miele’s latest Generation 7000 range. The new VitroLine design dispenses with any form of stainless steel and is available in obsidian black, brilliant white and graphite grey. The solid metal handle incorporates a precisely finished glass insert in the colour of the oven door.
Miele’s intuitive M Touch controls feature a multi-coloured TFT display which provides full text information on all available functions and settings.
The Miele Dialog Oven is WiFi-enabled and can be connected with a compatible mobile device via the Miele@mobile App., which includes more than 1,200 international recipes. For selected recipes, programme parameters can be transferred directly from the Miele@mobile App to the Dialog Oven.

Technical resolution, sustainability and quality

The Dialog oven emits electromagnetic waves at changing frequencies which respond intelligently to the texture of the food. Throughout the cooking process, the oven is effectively in a dialogue with the food, measures how much of this energy has actually been absorbed and keeps adjusting the frequencies and intensity accordingly.
The product does not only comply with all mandatory safety requirements, but includes a number of additional features designed to protect the user from harm, such as a time-controlled automatic safety switch-off.