Hello Cup 9 The Hello Cup

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Robyn McLean, Mary Bond

We all know not all bodies are created equal. Often those who are different from the norm, have less choice when it comes to personal products.

Our low cervix menstrual cup is designed for people with a period who have - you guessed it - a low cervix.

Menstrual cups are gaining in popularity but they are a not a one-size-fits-all product. Our goal in designing a low cervix cup was to continue to ensure our range is inclusive as possible.

We knew from feedback that the toggle of our standard range of menstrual cups was not necessary for people with a low cervix. This was because the cup would sit lower in the vaginal canal due to their low cervix. Cervix height can be a bit like the height stud in a house - it can vary hugely. So in some houses a step ladder might be all you need to reach the ceiling where as in other houses the ladder needs to be longer to get there.

So while our regular menstrual cup still worked for people with a low cervix, the overall design meant it wasn’t as comfortable as it could be. In essence, they didn’t need the toggle to help them reach the base of the cup because the cup itself already sat low enough.

The design of our low cervix cup has solved that problem - it is a comfortable and purposefully designed menstrual cup which addresses a specific need.

Made from 100% medical grade thermoplastic elastomer it is safe, reusable and recyclable.

Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use and the use of colour makes it appealing to the consumer.

“Practical doesn’t need to be boring” is one of our mantras - one which we put into practice when we were designing this new product for our range.