Felton Industries Limited 12 Tate Aerlux™ Handpiece

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Daniel To
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Daniel To
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Heather Mason, Ellen Ip, Shikal Mannie, Santi Fungtammasan
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Scott Fitzsimons
  • Client
    Felton Industries Ltd

The housing landscape of NZ has seen an increasing demand for architecturally designed homes where new builds with efficient living spaces are more compact and versatile. Despite this trend, the current shower handpiece market is saturated with budget plastic shower handpieces. Style, finish and the shower “feel” are limited. The lack of choice in the market for users to select and tailor a shower system to their needs is especially apparent, meaning NZ home owners often struggle to create their perfect shower.

The brief recognised the need for a minimal and timeless handpiece design that could be offered in various finishes. The Tate Aerlux™ handpiece has been designed with form and function in mind and the idea of subtlety has been the key driver. Raising the bar in the current modern bathroom trend, the Tate Aerlux™ handpiece uses PVD technology to come in a high-quality metal finish, that’s longer lasting and more resilient to damage. With 7 different PVD colour finishes available, NZ homeowners are no longer limited in their choices.

Not only limited to a visual experience, the handpiece is suitable for all water pressure situations and offers homeowner’s the freedom to create their ideal shower through various spray configurations. With a wide-reaching shoulder-to-shoulder spray, the handpiece can be experienced with a conventional flow restrictor, completely unrestricted flow, or with two distinctive Aerlux™ jets for mains pressure.
Based on CSIRO research, the Aerlux™ technology is a refinement on Felton’s original patented Oxijet™ innovation. The Aerlux™ jet injects the handpiece’s water flow with tiny air bubbles, creating a luxurious shower spray. The Orange and Purple Aerlux™ jets can be fitted during installation, used to take it from a firm or a soft feel by injecting air into the waterflow. Unlike traditional water restrictors, the Aerlux™ can achieve minimal water usage while maximising their water flow and pressure.

The Tate Aerlux™ handpiece was designed for modularity and can be broken into four components. The parts can be easily serviced, resulting in minimal carbon footprint through the manufacturing process. The faceplate and handle cover are made from 304 stainless steel which offers excellent corrosion resistance and strength. The tensile strength of the material allowed us to reduce the thickness of the plate to keep the overall weight of the handpiece to a minimum while still offering a sense of quality. Available as a standalone product, the handpiece is also available as a matching slide shower set within the Tate collection, with either a wet rail and dry rail option.

The Tate Aerlux™ handpiece is about the end user’s needs and freedom of choice. The consumers experience. Something that was lacking in the modern architectural home. The Tate Aerlux™ handpiece is our solution to this problem. Blending into the space with its crisp PVD finish and simple forms, it is only when the user holds the handpiece, that they truly experience the quality and finer details of the design.