Archant Swell Collection

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Hamish Raikes, Sefton Clare, Garth Raikes
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Josh Cornes, Rebecca Hoskisson, Scott Fitzsimons, Chris Corradino

Can you visualize the sunlight dancing through the water, or the feeling of weightlessness as the next wave gathers? That’s Swell® and we’re happy to share our latest design with you.

The alluring beauty of the ocean draws us back time and again. The ripples on the handle echo the fluctuations of the many bodies of water around New Zealand.

From our fondest childhood memories to new experiences with family and friends, the familiar backdrop of the water serves as a launchpad to bigger adventures. Our exclusive handle collection, Swell® aims to recreate this meaningful flow in your home.

Equal spacing of the linear detailing creates a strong structured aesthetic. The varying depth of each groove gradually transitions from subtle detail to soft rounded undulations. These become more of a change in form rather than a simple surface treatment. The smooth rounded corner on the handle creates a softer aesthetic while also providing functionality that’s softer and more inviting to touch.

We believe in doing small things with great style. Critics may argue that “it’s only a handle”, but as even the most sophisticated designers will note, inspiring design is all about the details. Uniquely created, there are four styles and finishes designed to mimic the undulations of New Zealand’s alluring oceans.

Although innovative in design, the Swell® is familiarly comforting in the interior space. The distinctive selections bring the harmonious curves and synergy of nature into your kitchen. We are proud to offer various finishes (Black, Brushed Brass, Brushed Anthracite and Antique Brass) to best match designs of nearly any style. We also created a variety of sizes with the range extending from 32mm, 96mm, 160mm, and 320mm.

We trust you’ll feel inspired by the way Swell® transforms your space. And while this collection is certainly elegant, they’re not without functionality. The tapered edges and quality craftmanship make these handles feel as good in your hand as they look in the kitchen.