Jacob Burnet, Ryan Dombroski Sunflower Scent

  • Tauira / Students
    Jacob Burnet, Ryan Dombroski
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Jon Wilson

“Hallways” is a Music Video for the Ōtepoti, self-described “new wave, sludge, doom surf pop” band Sunflower Scent. The aim was to create a music video which incorporates the essence of local music culture and fits with the group's overall mood and aesthetic. The band wanted to bring this aesthetic and ethos to the wider world so asked us to make this film to put on their social media and project at their gigs.

The music video embraced the ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude, typical of the iconic ‘Dunedin sound’. To ensure a cohesive experience, vintage analogue techniques such as VHS shots were intertwined with modern digital techniques, seamlessly blending the old and the new. This combination creates an authentic and nostalgic touch, creating a visual aesthetic that reflects the band's essence and adds a modern twist to the visual aesthetic of the notorious Ōtepoti sound.
The visual narrative of the video drew outside inspiration from 1998 horror film, "The Ring" (Hideo Nakata), and pays homage to the acclaimed American director, Spike Lee, with his famous dolly shot technique. In studio and on location green screen effects were used, as well as practical effects such as the ejecting tape machine, rigging up doors to open unassisted, and the use of dynamic lighting. Overall, the combination of manual elements and analogue equipment contributed to a distinct New Zealand DIY feel that perfectly aligned with the project's objectives. These creative choices add depth, visual interest, and contribute to the storytelling aspect of the song, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the music video