Massey University College of Creative Arts Black Channel

  • Te Kapa Tauira / Student Team
    Molly Buglass-Clapham, Max Skerrett, Jeremy Cameron, Zenith Nelson, Daniel MacArthur, Andy Lin, Cameron Travis, Oliver Fletcher, Stephanie Cruz, Ben Tippett, Tara Holstege
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Lucas Haley

Black Channel is a 3D first person sci-fi horror game that takes place in a 70’s cassette futurism society on the edge of the Boötes void, inspired by games such as SOMA (2015), Firewatch (2016), and Alien: Isolation (2014). The player takes on the role of Markus, a newly recruited search and rescue pilot as he navigates the infamous ‘Black Channel’ alongside his A.I. companion sarOS, in his spacecraft, the Apastron 04. Our goal for Black Channel was to create a robust proof of concept ‘demo’ using Unreal Engine 4 with approximately 20-30 minutes of gameplay. The intention behind this was to showcase our core game mechanics, a segment of the full narrative with a satisfying conclusion, and our thematic intent for the horror elements.