Massey University College of Creative Arts At Your Local

  • Te Kapa Tauira / Student Team
    Georgia Rathbone, Hamish Johns, Finley Jones, Paul Luo, Jorden Young, Anton Piters
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Birgit Bachler, Jonathan King, Mathew Knight

In 2020, our group was tasked with working alongside a real world client to create some commercially valuable video content. The client we pitched to was Coffee Supreme, who gladly got on board. Our initial plan was to create a series of short, comedic advertisements promoting their “coffee for the office” subscription. This was unsurprisingly shaken up by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to Covid-19, offices closed down all around the country, we had to swiftly adapt to something new.

With Coffee Supreme being a business that supplies countless cafes around the country and cafes being some of the hardest hit by Covid-19, we decided that we were in a position to tell their stories to the general public. We told these stories as a means of garnering support for small, local businesses who needed it more than ever. This idea birthed the series At Your Local
At Your Local is a four part series of short documentaries focused on how 3 cafes around New Zealand and Coffee Supreme themselves fought through the effects of a nationwide lockdown. Episode one focuses on Deb & Grant Alley of the Creel Tackle House & Cafe in Turangi, a charming little cafe that sits out the back of New Zealand’s oldest tackle shop, making it wonderfully unique. Episode two focuses on Lisa Fierro of Goods in Thorndon, one of Wellington’s favourite cafes, while Episode three tells the story of one of Wellington if not New Zealand’s best bakers, James Whyte of Baker Gramercy. Tom Hishon of Daily Bread in Auckland was lined up to be the final episode of the series, but just as we were getting ready to hit the road up, Auckland went back into level three and we had to adapt, again. Although this caused a headache initially, we realised a great story was right under our nose all along - Coffee Supreme. With wholesale cafes being their main source of income, Coffee Supreme were hit hard too. Focusing an episode on Coffee Supreme's Wellington roastery would be essential to completing the story At Your Local aimed to tell.

The hospitality industry struggled in 2020, we are glad At Your Local was able to show the resilience of the workers in this field and release their stories to a larger platform. The series has been successful on Coffee Supreme’s Instagram T.V. and is also available on Coffee Supreme's youtube channel.