Ethan Hiku Ethan Hiku

  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Don Chooi, Jim Murray, Eddie Wong, Jocelyn Janon, Tammie Leong
  • School
    Media Design School

Our current times have been met with a lot of uncertainty and change in recent years, with advancements in technology, Covid-19, and climate change. This has inspired thoughts of what the future may be like. How much will the environment change in the future? What is the state of society? What are the biggest changes we would have to adapt to? At first I was thinking of the future of the world in general, but from there my thoughts shifted quickly to where I was from, which is a small island in the Pacific called Niue. Now I was curious about the future of Niue, what effects climate change and rising sea levels would have on the small island, what would be the state of our society and what are the big changes in Niue’s future. Since Niue island shares similarities with the islands around it, the research expanded towards the whole of the Pacific in order to pull in insights and information from the whole of Polynesia. I settled on three different motion pieces for my final outcome, each depicting a different future scenario. I want the viewer to know that there will be different outcomes for the future depending on our actions in the present, and to also spread awareness of climate change and rising sea levels in the Pacific ocean. So for the three motion pieces, all scenarios will be set in Niue, feature the same character and will follow the main character's daily routine:

The first scenario is called ‘Continued Capitalism’, this is a scenario where mankind has continued to deplete the world's resources at a constant rate. Societal conditions of the world are good however the environmental health of the planet is poor. In this scenario our main character is working as a fabricator in a very industrial, futuristic version of Niue.

The second scenario, ‘Apocalyptic’, is the worst of all the scenarios, and this shows what happens when mankind has chosen all the wrong decisions. The societal conditions and environmental health is at an all-time low. In this scenario our main character is an archaeologist exploring his sunken homeland of Niue, which is completely submerged underwater due to rising sea levels.

The third scenario is called ‘In Harmony with Nature’, this is where the world has essentially eliminated climate change and societal conditions are doing extremely well. Our main character in this scenario is a high school student going about his day in a very environmentally friendly version of Niue run on clean energy.

The goal with these three motion pieces is to give viewers ideas of what the future may look like in the Pacific. With our future in such an uncertain state right now with climate change and depleting resources, I’m hoping that showing the future result of the world will be able to give people a different perspective of the Pacific islands battle with climate change and to spread awareness of its effects.
scenario is a high school student going about his day in a very environmentally friendly version of Niue run on clean energy.