Desmond Ahkan Homage to Home

  • Tauira / Student
    Desmond Ahkan
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    George Hajian, Phoebe Ellis

The video is a personal attempt to showcase South Auckland. Being at Uni and away from home made me think about the places I used to live; to be grateful for where I am, and where it all started. I wanted to work on a project that will remind me of home emotionally, rather than physically; hence the title “Homage to Home”.

Moving out into the city was a personal choice. I was too white for the brown kids but too brown for the white kids. I wanted to become more independent and less reliant on my parents. This allowed me to grow, knowing that in most Pacific households it is hard for their parents to accept their kids leaving home at a young age. It also made me think about kids with huge potential but lacking resources and role models.

I know that being from South Auckland says you need to be “tough” or “ghetto”, but people look at you funny when you’re trying to be different. Too many of South Auckland’s youth fall for the trap of representing their hoods in ways that don’t benefit their futures, whilst they lose passion for their creative talents and start regretting it later. I wanted to remind those kids that’s it’s OK to be from South Auckland and to be different. I also wanted to tell them that you can control your life and choose who to hang out with.

The video is an insight into my neighbourhood, showing the iconic areas that hold sentimental value to me and to those who were born, lived, or living there. Reminiscing on fast food takeaways, pies and fizzy combos, Pro clubs and Locs as well as kids roaming around the streets on their bikes and bare feet. This video is a reminder of how things were and still are.