Varvara Solovyeva USO (Unidentified Swimming Object)

  • Tauira / Student
    Varvara Solovyeva
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Jason Kennedy

USO (Unidentified Swimming Object) is 3D animated short film about a diver traversing the deep ocean in search of sentient beings.
Through the creation of USO, I explored this question; "How can I effectively portray interspecies communication within a comedic 3D animated short film”. My research led me to create a self-ironizing animated sequence that investigated Interspecies communication on a wide range of character-interaction examples.
The term "Interspecies" became the fundamental driving factor behind my project’s outcome. I felt that in order to illustrate such a wide term within my film appropriately, I needed an equally wide cast of creature character representatives to distinguish as the “other creatures” to my human diver. For this film being relatively short, I decided on three such creatures – a peculiar crab, a giant fish, and an amorphous shapeshifter entity I have dubbed “the Jelly”. The diver meets each creature in turn as he swims through deeper and deeper water – with every meeting revealing a distinct communicative dynamic between the human and the interspecies.