The Tuesday Club 9 One Good Kiwi

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Billy Worthington, Nick Worthington
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Dave Brady, Matt Oak, Nigel Sutton, Anna Higgins
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Andreas Wannerstedt, Plan8, Georgia Mahaffie, Susannah Winger, Jane King
  • Client
    One NZ

One Good Kiwi is a mobile app and donation platform created and funded by One New Zealand. Open to all New Zealanders, it connects everyday Kiwi with grassroots charities across Aotearoa, along with a means to donate to them.

Each month, One Good Kiwi gives its community of app users a share of $100,000 – a digital koha to be gifted to the wide range of charities that feature on the app. The money is divvied up in the form of One Good Kiwi tokens, with each app user receiving ten tokens to gift.

Although the tokens live in a digital space, like a physical currency, we wanted them to have a tactile, three-dimensional presence. Our goal was to imbue the digital token with the weight of its real-world value.

This series of animations puts the precious tokens at their centre and are designed to act as timely reminders, encouraging the community to make their tokens count by gifting them before each month is up.

The creative approach focuses on the cyclical nature of the platform, with its monthly token drops, rotations of new charities and the endless cycle of giving.

The mesmerising looping animations paired with hypnotic soundscapes offer calm in the chaos of busy social feeds, providing a safe and sensorially rewarding space to pause, reflect and move from a mindless scroll to a mindful moment of purposeful giving.