Moving Image

Flux Animation 8 Unhappily Ever After

Short Form 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Laban Dickinson
  • Team Members
    Kevin Howdeshell, Kirsten Howdeshell, Shannon Fahey, Shane Taylor, Dave Butler, Joshua Forsman
  • Contributors
    Naomi Ballantyne, Tony Arthur, Kris Ballantyne, Tina Morgan, Mika Ballantyne, Gerhard van Graan, Sophie Broom, Tony Bradbourne, Jonathan McMahon, Lisa Fedyszyn, Till Dittmers, Jack Gravatt, Storm Day, Nick O’Donnell, Hannah Ross, Emma Cutfield, Jo Kelly, Nicole Scopes, Nick Salter
  • Client
    Partners Life

Nursery Rhymes have long been depicted visually. A nostalgic style of hand painted brush strokes and muted water colours.

We developed a style that felt inherently of the era. Using animation techniques and design principles that have been around for over a century. Hand painted cell animation provided a textural quality, that seamlessly integrated our characters into the backgrounds.

Our layouts and storytelling took their lead from picture books. Flowing camera moves with seamless transitions allowed the viewer feel like they were moving through pages of a familiar story, with a twist.