DesignStudio 18 Hatai

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    James Duru
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    George Adams
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Collette Duong, Hayley Cumming, Hatty Middleton, Kim Tong, Mark Liney, Jack Wimmer
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Daniel Lea, Mitch Eaton
  • Client

Hatai is a new multi purpose residential and commercial development on Silom Rd. in downtown Bangkok. Designed by Foster & Partners, the design takes an innovative approach to the site, creating a natural oasis of green in one of Asia's least green cities. Bangkok has an average 5SQM of green space per capita. Singapore; 66SQM. Sydney 80SQM.

DesignStudio APAC, were engaged to develop the name, brand strategy, identity system, digital experience and marketing tools to help launch Hatai to staff, public and investors as it began the nearly 4 year demolition and site build.

Spending time on the ground in Bangkok helped us better understand the revolutionary experience the Hatai team would be bringing to Silom Rd. A site which bristles and bustles with traffic, pedestrians and businesses. The creation of a site with large amounts of greenery, waterways and quiet space would be transformative.

Built around the brand strategy 'Escape The Ordinary' The Hatai brand embraces the transformative effect nature can have on an individual. Brought to life through the analogy of native flowers blooming and blossoming, creating that moment of release and state change.

The brand combines elegant floral forms, pollen patterns and dynamic blossoming graphic patterns alongside evocative language and a dynamic typographic layout system to create a brand which can stretch from calm mediative moments to those designed to energise and uplift.

DesignStudio APAC worked across the entire brand experience, from partner engagement, comms, digital experience, spacial and motion to tell the story of Hatai and elevate its distinct and memorable difference. A nature filled environment, serene and contemplative, just moments away from Bangkok's bustling Silom Road.

As part of the launch, we created a brand film to tell the story of Hatai, for investors, staff and partners.

Moving beyond the literal, we used this as an opportunity to create a sense of intrigue, speak to the emotional transformation the site would bring about and start to tease some of the services within Hatai.

Introducing the four flowers, which form the brand language; Torch Ginger, Ratchapruek, Orchid and Jasmine. Each of them used to speak to different aspects and experience of the property; the building, community, the history of Hatai, food and beverage experiences.

Working with Golden Hum, LA based sound designers, we crafted a custom piece of sound design. The score elevates the moments of calm, crescendo and release as we're taken on a journey into the heart of Hatai.

Inspired by the sensorial experience of escaping the bustling sonic landscape of Silom Rd, the score layers textural rhythm beds to move us from textual pulsing moments to those which are more open, calm and reflective.

Hatai Brand Film

Hatai Website Walkthrough

Hatai Flowers Desktop

Hatai Bloom pattern

Hatai Pollen pattern

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