BUCK 39 BMF Department of Health - "How's Your Head?"

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Gareth O'Brien
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Luke Saunders
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Erica Ford, Georgia Patching, Glen Miralles, Liz Smith, Sam Scopelitti, Scarlett Starling, Will Pietsch, Aleksander Saharovsky, Bernd Bousard, Henrique Barone, Sam Van Ingen
  • Client
    Department of Health

Mental health is frequently ignored and mental health problems often go unchecked. This is often because it’s scary to admit to yourself and others that you’re having trouble. So what can we do about that?

The Department of Health created a simple tool that allows Australians to check in with themselves and the people they care about in an effort to address this problem. We were happy to lend a hand to help them introduce it to the world.

Thankfully, people are starting to talk more about mental health. As awareness of the issue is on the rise, the stigmas surrounding talking openly about it are fading away. We wanted to further encourage the ‘normalization’ trend by keeping the tone of this piece light-hearted, casual, and conversational.