Moving Image

Assembly 47 Dinner Makes Families

Short Form 2019 Credits
  • Design Director
    Damon Duncan
  • Team Members
    Rhys Dippie, Josh Fourt-Wells, Geoff Kirk Smith, Marcos Feguiera Godoy, Anastasia Fileva, Kara Vandeleur, Helen Naulls
  • Contributors
    Toby Talbot, Gus Roberts, Corey Chalmers, Patrick Hancock, Jill Chestnut, Amanda Chambers, Jess Robins, Lousie Cunningham, Sarah Moller, Craig Matuschka, Peter van der Fluit, Tamara O'Neill
Judge's comments:

The subtle character design - beautifully rendered and composited - made even the humble brussels sprout seem appealing and loveable.