WorkGroup 3 Field of Play 8 Hello, We are WorkGroup

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Tom Crampin, Nicholas Shackleton
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Elliot Stansfield

Introducing WorkGroup - a newly formed creative studio aiming to make good work and solve old problems in exciting new ways.

The studio is founded by two of New Zealand’s leading image-makers and animators, bringing together a depth of skill and craftsmanship which are incredibly sought after in our digital age.

The WorkGroup identity is an exercise in designing for feel. The pair of motifs reference the two founder’s unmistakable personalities - complimentary counterpoints to one another. Inspired by historic duos such as Daft Punk, Yin and Yang, noughts and crosses, Mario and Luigi - they can be whatever they need to be or whatever you choose to see (although they do combine to loosely create the silhouette of a ‘W’). The only intention of the identity is to capture the decidedly technical skillset these two creative talents bring to the table and the playful nature in which they deliver their work.

The brand film showcases some of the incredibly engaging work they can create: produced, crafted, animated, and scored by themselves. Expanding on the brand identity through motion - the motifs are stretched, inflated, multiplied, deconstructed, and remade to create a freakishly beautiful digital mash-up of imagery. From digital executions to posters and physical outputs, the identity is truly three-dimensional.

The brand has since become an instantly recognisable identity of the two practitioners as they build their portfolio and client base of both local Aotearoa studios and creatives far and wide.