Flux Animation 16 Rennervations

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Flux Animation, Laban Dickinson, Shannon Fahey, Josh Forsman, Conrad Crooks, Chaz Holland, Lucius Koh, Tim Liu, Layla Viscu, Harrison Wiltshire, Lynn Choi, Shane Taylor, Jono Cardno, Dave Butler, Ryan Bird, Danielle Mendoza
  • Client
    Boardwalk Pictures

Rennervations followed the host, Jeremy Renner on a journey to repurpose his own vehicles for communities in need.

Our design challenge was to depict these communities stories through animation. An abstract look into the twists and turns that they have had to overcome. As well as celebrating the vehicles transformation and what it would offer to the community. We opted for a design aesthetic that felt contemporary and stylised. 2D cell animation was used to create organic movement throughout. The 2D animation had a tonal shift between the community backstory which harnessed darker palettes contrasted with more uplifting colours to celebrate the vehicle transformation.