Flux Animation 16 Perion - Join The Movement

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Flux Animation, Laban Dickinson, Josh Forsman, Jeremy Ball, Conrad Crooks, Jonathan Paccou, Chaz Holland, Lucius Koh, Tim Liu, Layla Viscu, Harrison Wiltshire, Lynn Choi, Shane Taylor, Jono Cardno, Shannon Fahey
  • Client
    Semi Permanent

Perion is an E-Games company with a mission of bringing together a community of gamers from across the globe.

Our brief was to create a recruitment video. A video that would feel like the next big game release of 2023. One that would engage online networks around the world and bring together the best of the best.

We needed to develop a visual story that spoke to inclusivity. People coming together for a common goal. So we developed three unique characters and worlds. Each designed to contrast the other. These 3D worlds were brought together through the Perion orb. United to take on the world.