Universal Favourite 28 KraveBeauty Slowdown Skincare

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Dari Israelstam, Ali Ozden
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Ali Ozden
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sherry Wang (Designer), Kristen Walsh (Client Service Director)
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Amy Scott (brand writer), Niceshit Studios (illustrator), Niceshit Studios (animation), Honeymill (production company), Facundo Capece (music & sound), Lola Ritcher (music & sound)
  • Client

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that believes the decisions we make should be deliberate. Whether it’s their skincare practice, the way they run their business or the products they produce, the company is built on intentionality and the mantra that choices should hold meaning — nothing’s just for the sake of it.

Liah Yoo founded KraveBeauty to “press reset” on the skincare industry and reject mindless 20-step routines. But she quickly realised the industry’s oversaturation wasn’t just a problem for people, but also the planet.

In 2019, more than 3,000 new products launched in the US alone. So KraveBeauty launched Slowdown Skincare – an initiative aimed to inspire other beauty brands to commit to responsible production and encourage consumers to shop intentionally.

They came to us to help create a campaign for Slowdown Skincare to enlighten the industry that thinking sustainably isn’t enough – we need to rethink growth entirely.

We worked with KraveBeauty to tell the story of Slowdown Skincare through the allegory of the tortoise and the hare. In the spirit of the fable, we wrote a nursery rhyme highlighting the race for “more” – more products, more dollars, more growth – the skincare industry had prioritised profit over purpose.

With our audience in mind, it was important we didn’t come off as chastising or condescending. So we reminded people the hare is no villain, he’s just programmed to run — by every pressure that’s under the sun.

Keeping in line with KraveBeauty’s ethos, the animation feels warm and relatable by using hand-made illustrations, brushes, and textures. Inspired by cartoons from the 60s to 90s, the animation stands out in an often cold, clinical industry.

The result is a modern spin on an old tale, reminding us slow and steady can indeed win the race.