Flux Animation 16 From Our Family To Yours

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Laban Dickinson
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Jeremy Ball, Conrad Crooks, Jonathan Paccou, Shuo Liu, Layla Viscu, Chaz Holland, Lucius Koh, Frank Rueter, Shane Taylor, Mike Howie, Joshua Forsman, Guzz Soares, Shannon Fahey, Jono Cardno, Bonita Sidhu
  • Client
Judge's comments:

A real tear jerker. The attention to detail in this fully animated film was appreciated by the judges - the amount of work put into this 3D world to make it feel alive and lived in is up there with Pixar films. But it was the emotional connection to the story that elevated it for the judges.


Being a global campaign we were unable to rely on dialogue to drive the action. To combat this we developed a suite of characters with strong features allowing us to tell an emotive story through body movement and nuanced performance.

To achieve this range of performance we developed complex animation rigs which gave us intricate control over the characters faces and bodies.

We simulated every element of the characters. We animated the character performances traditionally and then through an effects pipeline we simulated the characters muscle, skin, cloth and hair to deliver an organic range of motion.

We created a textured world layered with detail. The environment’s and props were skewed for a level of heightened stylisation. This allowed for stylistic continuity as we moved geographically and through time.

We looked to create spaces that felt authentic to the characters. Our Grandmothers house was a treasure trove of textural furniture, fabrics and trinkets, many of which referenced her Filipino heritage.

The characters clothing referenced trends of the time whether 1940’s Philippines or 2020 London. The costumes were layered with different textures and materials to provide depth to their appearance and performance.