BUCK 39 Amazon - "Halo"

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Joe Mullen, Luisa Murray, Andrew Chan Gladstone, Alex Dingfelder, Alessandro Ceglia, Casey Latiolais, Kien Hoang, Peter DeSalvo, Dave Evans, Max Forward, Morgan Schweitzer, Ben Nichols, Debora Cruchon, Jonas Mosesson, Tuo Kan, Vincent Tsui, Alfonso Petersen, Chloe Tu, Tina Chao, Ernesto Ruiz Velasco, Jing Huang, Xiong Lin, Brian Lee, Christopher Meek, Elisabeth Janerka, Hillary McCarthy, Josh Baum, Louise Clark, Sam Ortiz, Scott Slater, Kevin Weber, Gavin Kosko, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Kyle Griggs, Peter Ahern, Ben Rohel, Gareth O'Brien, Luke Saunders, Erica Ford, Jordan Howes, Elijah Akouri, Tim Krakowiak, Chuong Vu, Hugo Jackson, Corin Sadlier, Ben Hubbard, Lawrence Wong
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Dan Marsh, Emily Rickard, Jamey Kitchens, Marla Moore
  • Client

Halo is Amazon’s answer to the fitness tracker. But unlike other devices, there is no screen. The interface is entirely through your phone or tablet. Halo is a passive tracker that monitors activity, exercise, body composition, sleep, and even tone of voice! We created videos highlighting each of these components.

We developed a concept of miniatures and a production design based on concentric circles. The set pieces rotate around a fixed point with real-world mechanics like stagecraft, complete with hidden compartments and trap doors. Each vignette showcases a different feature of the Halo.