Moving Image

Assembly 47 Tom Petty 'Wildflowers'

Long Form 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Alan Bibby, Jonny Kofoed
  • Design Directors
    Alan Bibby, Jonny Kofoed
  • Team Members
    Mike Davison, Frankie Principe, Gary Sullivan, Craig Speakman, Bruno Rojas, Matt Barnes, Tim Mauger, Marty Ward, Pete Ritchie
  • Contributors
    Adria Petty, Lydia Sarno
  • Client
    Petty Legacy LLC

This year, for the reissue of Tom Petty’s classic album ‘Wildflowers’, Warner Brothers and the Petty estate commissioned us to make a video for the title track - ‘Wildflowers’.

‘Wildflowers’ has never had an official video. Tom’s family gave us access to never-before-seen archival footage of Tom in 1994 as the album was being recorded, which we took and crafted into an intimate elegy to one of the greats.

Working closely with his family, we built a world for Wildflowers that feels intrinsically Tom Petty, and does justice to the song and his legacy.