BUCK 39 Oppo Wallpapers

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Gareth O'Brien
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Luke Saunders, Elijah Akouri
  • Client

When the good folks at OPPO approached us to design a series of blooming abstract wallpapers to launch their new smartphone, we responded with a hearty, "You betcha!"

The direction was to provide a stunning, dynamic, and punchy moment when first opening the phone—something that elicits a deep, pleasurable sigh. Ahhhh!

With the art being integrated into the opening and closing of the screen, it needed to be dynamic—like a blossoming flower dappled with glowing light.

Soft, dreamy sunrises emanate from the pink phone's iridescent shell, inspiring us to explore light and refraction through crystalline surfaces. The prisma-tastic result complements the exterior while amplifying the magic within the device! (Magic is still science...)

We blended up a mother of pearl surface texture that danced off flowing fabric to express the white phone's calming effects.

The black phone was all about the experience. We developed a striking concertina pattern that mirrors the symmetry of the folding action.


Building in C4D and using Houdini to simulate organic behavior found in glass and fabric, we relied heavily on our physics wizards in the creative tech team. Through trial and error, we discovered ways to animate materials in unexpected ways. The results were pretty ripper if you ask us!

The final results were three dynamic animating wallpapers at 160fps, 3 DARK mode alternates, and a set of high-resolution prints.

We threaded them together in a film loop that, we think, perfectly sums up that first “ooh ah” moment when opening the phone.

What started as a lofty, conceptual project ultimately became an invaluable learning experience in streamlining ultra-sharp and vibrant 4K renders. Thanks heaps for the cool oppo, OPPO! :)