Assembly 40 Verizon - Better Matters

Interactive Marketing 2016 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Mark Fitzloff, Aaron Allen, Joe Staples, Jason Kreher
  • Design Directors
    Damon Duncan, Matt von Trott
  • Team Members
    Rhys Dippie, Craig Speakman, Alex McLeod, Damon Duncan, Matt von Trott, Marcos Felguira Godoy, Dale Hobson, Scotty Wilson, Amanda Chambers
  • Contributors
    Chuck Carlson, Robbie Rane, Nicole Blauw, Patrick Marzullo, Teresa Lai, Marcelina Ward, Dave Hubbard, Sarah Biedak, Teresa Lutz, Lauren Walker, Ryan Bowers, Grant Thomas, Resn
  • Client
    WK Portland
Judge's comments:

An incredibly playful and engaging experience that was also easy to learn from while using. Flawless craft, and plenty of delight and personality in the smallest of details.