Ashleigh Lowe View Scan

  • Tauira / Student
    Ashleigh Lowe
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Rebecca Steedman, Sheahan Huri
Judge's comments:

A great execution exploring architecture and how it changes over time. We loved the suprising take on this to traditional architectural publications.


View scan is a research exploration in the form of a publication. The primary focus revolves around the concept of creating a comprehensive archive pertaining to six prominent buildings in Auckland (Partington's Mill, His Majesty's Theatre, Victoria Arcade, Trinity Methodist Church, St
James theatre and St Kevins Arcade), specifically exploring their architecture and the evolving narratives surrounding them over time.
By weaving together historical research, interviews, photographs, and other visual elements obtained by the Auckland archives, Kura, Papers Past and Digital NZ I seek to construct a compelling narrative that not only showcases the physical aspects of these buildings but also delves into the stories and experiences embedded within their walls. The publication will serve as a valuable resource for architectural enthusiasts, researchers, and the wider community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich architectural heritage of Auckland.
Ultimately, my intent is to produce a publication that transcends traditional notions of architecture documentation and serves as a dynamic platform for preserving and sharing the cultural and historical narratives associated with these buildings. I strive to ignite a sense of curiosity, evoke emotional connections, and inspire a greater appreciation for the architectural treasures that contribute to the identity of Auckland.