Quinn Single Remote Design

  • Tauira / Student
    Quinn Single
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Graeme Kyle, Carl Pavletich
  • School
    Ara Institute of Canterbury

Remote.design is a series of cultural design style guidebooks. Each one explains the different nuances of a culture's design styles such as Japanese, Arabic, and Swedish design. The series has the potential to be expanded to more cultures in the future which has given me the ability to think big picture while still constraining myself to the time frame I had while studying.

I was initially inspired by the international style in typography and seeing the different approaches to design within foreign films worldwide, such as Akira, and Parasite. My creation process was to thoroughly research the background of cultural design styles and history. This helped to ensure that I would be able to appreciate rather than appropriate the cultures that I would be showcasing and teaching in these books. I also interviewed people who have worked outside of New Zealand to get a better insight into the work environment and how it is for someone working remotely.

The project is targeted towards young design students and the goal of the guidebooks is to prepare these young designers for the future of visual communication. The industry is becoming an international landscape that accommodates people working remotely with overseas clients and audiences. Providing the knowledge of cultural design styles gives the designer the benefit of understanding some of the aspects of different international audiences' reception and the principles applied to design work from said cultures.