Grace Freeman Reel

  • Tauira / Student
    Grace Freeman
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Katie Kerr, George Hajian

With a highly expressive approach to telling raw and real stories, independent film is an art form that harbours experimental work and honours diversity, truth, and freedom. This project was created to explore the aesthetic nature of independent film, particularly in relation to design principles.
REEL is the first issue of a series of publications on independent film for a readership of designers. In each issue, I highlight how composition, colour, and type are used within various films to heighten emotion, convey themes and create connections. Within each chapter, I break down the intentions behind these formal decisions for a specific film.
Colour was the focus for this first series, with a goal to highlight the most influential colours presented within the chosen films. While colour has a vast spectrum, and endless possibilities, I decided to take a more simple approach when creating REEL. Each film is presented through single colour imagery, to truely emphasise colour in its most raw and isolated form, as well as to reflect the emotions and themes within the films, in a clear, bright and bold manner.
In the spirit of experimentation, I used various techniques to produce REEL — from collage to risograph printing to screen-printing to hand-binding. These techniques intend to reflect the eccentric and multidisciplinary world of independent film. Through the publication, I hope to inspire and encourage designers to explore new ways of approaching their work by taking inspiration from other disciplines. This project was made to show my love and respect for independent film, to broaden perspectives on creativity and singularity, and to show that your art can be your story, and your truth.