Ruby Grace Brown Queer Astrology

  • Tauira / Student
    Ruby Grace Brown
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    George Hajian, Katie Kerr

We look upwards, we look inwards. We are homemade astrologists, casual stargazers, and modern mystics. The skyscape repeats itself earnestly, planets push and pull us like the tide. The human experience remains: to find connection.

The queer community is one that is lovingly cemented in the non-tangible concepts like sexuality, self, and a desire to find others who feel the same. Astrology provides a landscape where one can be presented with explanations and points of connection that is wholly unique, bigger than life, and unabashedly queer.

Astrology can become a lifestyle, a suggestion, a one night stand, a marriage littered with affairs. It can be masculine, feminine, the in-between, or simply symbols on a page from stars in the sky. In our modern space, queerness is identified by the subculture, how we search for common ground in quotes to reference and hobbies to cultivate. Astrology has become an undeniable and almost religious queer subculture, one that we can pick and choose to follow without a fear of judgement.

For centuries, astrology has provided a backdrop for the human experience: we love to give our rainy days and stood-up dates to mercury in retrograde. But why has something so binary been embraced by a group that is anything but? Why do queer people love astrology?

In an attempt to understand this: the book is collated and designed as a handbook with articles and self-reflections from queer authors and astrology aficionados, to build a guide to the subculture of queer astrology. The book is meant to be used, lent to friends, or even turned into an emergency coffee coaster! It is intended to be warm, nostalgic, a part of the jumble in your tote bag. The double-sided foldable jacket doubles as a poster, one side with a cyanotype print, the other with a duo-tone metallic screen print.

With a poem from LGBTQ+ authors for each star sign to flip through, this book is purely personal and diverse at the same time.