Oliver Wooster Konini

  • Tauira / Student
    Oliver Wooster
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Katie Kerr, David Coventon

The broad nature of the mandated Covid-19 lockdowns, which spanned the world in 2020, brought about unencountered feelings of community amongst many neighbourhoods, none more so than from a local experience within my
own neighbourhood.

Reflecting on these feelings of community post 2020 lockdown sparked the idea about exploring a community and attempting to find out what has been under my nose for 15 years. The resulting project, Konini, documents inside the homes of my neighbours on Konini Road, in Titirangi, Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.

Houses are structures that provide shelter. Homes provide comforts and a space where people can be themselves amongst loved ones. For Konini, I was granted access into these private spaces that we call home in the most protruding way—with a camera. Documenting one road, I aim to find similarities and differences, along with the adornment of people’s spaces revealing the stories of their lives and homes.

Konini is a designed photography publication which tested my own skills in communication, organisation, planning and executing photo shoots. It was an ambitious project that allowed me to develop my practice, but also provided me with a plan to explore a neighbourhood community, just like the ones we see on TV and where everyone knows everyone.

The publication features 18 homes presented in a Swiss bound cover, exposing coptic bound sections. Informed by the mood of the documented homes, the sections' outer pages are all coloured. The exposed rainbow spine represents different homes and people, bound together by the Konini road.