Connor Goldie Emergence

  • Tauira / Student
    Connor Goldie
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Katie Kerr, George Hajian

‘Emergence’ is a typeface that responds to the question of what makes a New Zealand font. The project drew inspiration from the geological uniqueness of Aotearoa, specifically its coastlines.
The resulting typeface, ‘Emergence Bold’, is serif display font that incorporates fluid movements, juxtaposed against sharp points and harsh angles, reminiscent of New Zealand's dramatic geography: a contrast between jagged rocks, volcanoes, and mountains and lakes, rivers, and oceans.
The distinctive property of hooked terminals allowed for the incorporation of the koru within the negative space of the letterforms. This was done to further the New Zealand quality of the typeface.
By producing typography that represents Aotearoa, the project contributes to a broader conversation about the role of design in reflecting and shaping cultural identity.