Studio Chenchen Pty Ltd. Chattii Dating App

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Olivia Chen, Samuel Wearne
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Brent Loy, Carrie McLeod, Joel Mitchell
  • Client
    Abbi Brass

People use Chattii because it lets them be themselves. In the loud and often nasty world of online dating, our client saw the need to create a safe and judgement-free zone for people living with disabilities to fall in love and find meaningful connections.

Studio Chenchen worked closely with Chattii’s founders to take their idea from concept through to product. We developed a comprehensive brand strategy and applied this in a comprehensive design solution that drew on interviews, illustrations, animations, video, copywriting, UI design, and photography.

Overall, the brand is centered on the idea that love comes in all forms: see the human, feel the love. Working with our client, our research and brand strategy identified the need for Chattii to evoke a personality that was open-minded, fun, sincere, approachable and optimistic. We applied this in design and aesthetics, as well as brand narrative and tone of voice.

Aesthetically, we were inspired by abstract but bold shapes, blocks of colour, and clear but honest type. Character illustrations helped us create engaging personas and fun and inviting visuals that do away with stigmas about people living with disabilities.

Different shapes and blocks created assets to use as frames, suggesting a "window" into people's lives. It also works with our brand concept “shapes of love” and the idea that love comes in many forms.

The illustrations are playful and optimistic whilst maintaining a sense of intrigue. These brand assets of blocks and characters created iconography and archetypes for future use in marketing campaigns.

We created a brand manifesto to tell Chatti’s story and establish our tone of voice. Like the design, it is bold, authentic and fun. The narrative avoids patronising tropes and breaks through the stigma of disability by taking care and respect. Too often, colloquial language is unknowingly ableist, getting this right took time and collaboration with our client.

Due to the trust we were able to build with our clients, we went deep into the app design to make sure the user experience was consistently on-brand. We ensured the tone of voice was maintained throughout in language and design, and we provoked the idea for an innovative safety function that draws on human connection, rather than faceless technology, to vulnerable users safe.

Supporting the app’s launch and marketing, Studio Chenchen designed Chatti’s website and developed a social media strategy and launch campaign, drawing on content from user interviews and the brand story.

Chatti is a dating app that brings out the best in us - it’s fresh, bold, fun and avoids. It’s launched only a couple of weeks ago, but received great enthusiasm and support from inclusive fashion platforms, and startup investors. We hope to see Chattii continue into the future. Looking for love or connection is already daunting enough. Chatti is helping us recalibrate online dating to focus on what matters – it should be safe, respectful and fun.