MAUD 2 Romance Was Born

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Tom Fethers
  • Client
    Anna Plunkett

Romance Was Born is an Australian fashion label that bridges the boundaries of fashion, art and theatre with a magical formula that combines culture, colour, humour and handwork. It has contributed to the evolution of Australia's cultural identity through its exploration of themes and lavish, immersive runway shows. This bastion of craft needed a unique and distinctive identity that reflects their spirit, while being modern, practical and adaptable.

In recent years, industry heavyweights such as Balmain, Burberry, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent have opted for the inconspicuous austerity of sans serif logotypes, signalling a wider change in how our culture thinks about and visualises luxury. Once flamboyant and conspicuous, luxury is now all about simplicity and substance.

In this sea of sans serif, we refuted the solely minimalist gallery approach and leant into the flamboyant and the excessive, producing a visual identity as expressive as the RWB sensibility without losing function and utility.

The brand is built on a polished, custom logotype with an extreme flared serif that RWB were devoted to. Using this as a starting point, we investigated letterforms that could be redrawn to have more extreme forms to embody RWB’s fashion sensibility.

The logo operates in a structured and fluid form, taking cues from the exuberant spirit of the label, and while the stacked version becomes the functional maker’s mark, more expressive and experimental lettering can be applied across packaging and digital channels.

The colour pink embodies Romance’s character, creative spirit and whimsy. We washed it throughout all their packaging to give a special touch and romantic flavour to all their communications.

(Client testimonial)
“It has been a great journey working with MAUD on our new brand identity. We have had our logo since we started the brand 15 years ago. MAUD have been so creative and presented us so many options which we could take, which was quite overwhelming but exciting! We were really supported with our decision making on all the elements from website, labelling and packaging, and we love the new Romance Was Born feeling.”
Anna Plunkett, co-founder, Romance Was Born