Universal Favourite 28 Universal Favourite Youthforia

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Dari Israelstam
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Ali Ozden
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Kristen Walsh, Sherry Wang, Leon Shore
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Brand writer - Cat Wall, Photographer - Jamie Heath, Production - Uncommon Agency, 3D renders - 3D2D, Set design - Jordan Gogos, Wardrobe Stylist - Hunter Blue, Makeup Stylist - Vic Anderson & Kim Pham, Hair Stylist - Laura Spinney & Christopher Byrne
  • Client

Gen-Z is a generation born into crisis. From regular teenage things (crushes, conflicts, school, social media scandals) to new teenage things (s*xting, catfishing, a life online) to global things (capitalism, climate change, COVID-19) — they’ve lived or are living it. Consequently, they’re leading the charge on a new world of branding where they control the narrative. Messy, maximalist, uncurated, raw.

Youthforia came to us in need of a visual identity that would resonate with an always-online Gen Z audience while communicating the fun, offbeat, irreverent nature of the brand.

As a key part of their brand experience, we developed a full suite of packaging, from collaboratively developing the product form, to the outer boxes, mailers, and everything in-between.

The brand’s premise of having fun and playing around extends to its packaging but so does their environmentally-clean ethos — if they were going to use plastic, they wanted it to be something worth holding onto. Each item comes in different colours, with different holders to choose from, bringing back the thrill of coveted childhood collectibles and adding an extra element of fun.

The magnetic pans designed into the suite allow users to click, combine, stack and arrange their Youthforia makeup to suit their mood — an idea also reflected in the logo. They can mix and match their product arrangements based on however they’re feeling that day.

Youthforia's maximalist aesthetic shines bright in the packaging execution, with bold colours, type, and messaging that reflects the brand’s intention to let you flex your self-expression.

With the complete trust of the client to push the boundaries of the beauty marketing space, we were able to create a brand experience encapsulating the moments of utter mundane bliss you only get from the mess of youth.