Studio South 65 Blume

Packaging 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Sam Southwell
  • Team Members
    Elliot Stansfield, Caitlin Rassie, Jeremy Hooper, Mira Takeda, Liam Ooi
  • Contributors
    Jean Jullien, Jeremy Evans, Matt Kitto
  • Client

Batchwell offer a range of small batch kombuchas, blended with cold-pressed juices. They realised their award-winning kombucha made for a perfect mixer and combined it with top quality, quadruple-distilled spirits, freshly pressed juice and a splash of sparkling water. The trio of flavours have been carefully crafted to establish Blume as the slightly naughty cousin of Batchwell.

A brand & packaging system was created to communicate the fun, flavoursome nature of their product. In addition to a striking colour coded design treatment, the packaging combines minimalist design philosophies with playful illustrated character design to produce a fun & witty aesthetic.