• Pou Auaha / Creative Director
  • Client

RAAIE is a New Zealand based beauty brand that uses the antioxidant rich native plants of Aotearoa to create highly effective products that reduce the signs of ageing in skin. They launched last year with two serums and added an SPF to the range this year. They have a less-is-more approach to skin care: their formulations are powerful and mean that you don’t need to use lots of products. They stand against the needlessly complicated beauty regimes touted by the industry.

The beauty space is famously overcrowded. Every week seems to herald a new celebrity launch.
The brand wanted to stand apart from this melee of cheap plastic packaging that is dominated by garish colours or faux-pharmaceutical, clinical whiteness.

The brand also wanted to act in an environmentally responsible manner. They did not want RAAIE to contribute to the 129 billion pieces of plastic packaging that the beauty industry produces annually (very few of which are ever recycled).

So we created sculptural, refillable glass vessels with an organic silhouettes that tie them to the land. They look and feel like pebbles that you might South Island river. And when the consumer is finished with them, RAAIE will pick them up and refill them, ready to be sold again.

The results have been phenomenal. The distinctive look of the bottles and outer units caused a frenzy on social media and in the press. One of the products sold out within 10 days. The brand is currently stocked in 45 stores round the world and has won six international beauty awards. It has been featured in all major local press as well as Vogue and Marie Claire.