One Design 49 Round Theory

Packaging 2021 Credits
  • Design Directors
    Casey King, Rachel Doughty
  • Team Members
    David Macdonald, Briar Mark, Emmarose Cowie, Coco Campbell
  • Contributors
    Gee Hale (Watermark), Mara Sommer, Charles Howells
  • Client
    Round Theory Wines

A wine brand with a singular purpose and a name reflective of its ethos – Round Theory takes a circular approach to wine growing and packaging with sustainability at its core.

Mindful of rampant greenwashing, Round Theory is fully committed to making wines ethically and transparently. The wines are vegan, sustainably grown and sustainably sourced, climate positive, and they aim to offset at least double their carbon with carbon credits allocated to conservation & preservation projects worldwide.

It was critical that the positive intent of Round Theory was reflected in its outlook, and we injected this optimistic point of view into every element of the packaging.

Each label was designed as its own illustrated microcosmic world. As indicators of the ecological wellness of our planet and a symbol of strength and bravery, Tigers were chosen for the label artwork. The illustrations depict them playfully interacting with each varietal’s taste differentiator (pear, raspberries, passionfruit) and with creatures of nature, in a light and approachable manner.

Round Theory’s proprietary 750ml bottles are made from lightweight glass, and are shorter than standard wine bottles to consciously minimize environmental impact. The bespoke bottles were aptly designed with the mission statement of the brand embossed around the base ‘We Stand for What We Stand On’.