Marx Design 60 The Avo Tree

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Tristan O'Shannessy
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Michael Barron, Nicola Kearns, Samantha Bulkeley, Hannah Jensen, Ryan Marx
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Yuki Sato, Drew Robertson
  • Client
    The Avo Tree

After five years and over one million avocados delivered to homes throughout NZ, Bay of Plenty business The Avo Tree were seeking to diversify their business, specifically into a range of skincare products and wellness teas, all with a hero ingredient derived from the avocado tree.

The Avo Tree tea range has three blends built from the mineral and antioxidant rich avocado leaf as the base ingredient, paired with other natural ingredients to actively aid digestion, sooth, or boost immunity.

The skincare range was built around vitamin rich avocado oil, paired with botanical ingredients for all your skin care essentials.

We drew inspiration from the simple, holistic approach to their products which are in essence a homage to the humble avocado tree. Each product was broken down for customers into a simple formular: Avocado (Leaf or Oil) + X + Y = Good for that.

This became the naming convention for each product, making the benefits of each product understood immediately by the consumer, backed up by credibility of the ingredients – What it’s good for and why it works.

The simple silhouette of an avocado became the brand motif, used as a subtle accent across their skincare range. These are embossed on the uncoated outer boxes, the inner vessels have a tactile gloss finish contrasted against matte white.

The Avo Tree have enjoyed immediate success after launching their products, getting ranging in Farmers and growing the skincare offering by almost double during the first year in production.