Marx Design 60 Berg

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Ryan Marx
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Manuel Payan
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sam Bulkeley, Tristan O'Shannessy, Nicola Kearns
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Drew Robertson, Dan Bycroft
  • Client
    Lion Co.

Inspired by the secretive process used to make it; we started our design exploration for Berg alcoholic seltzer with the simple idea that it took some deep thinking to look this effortless, and that beneath the surface there was much to discover.

Playing with the concept of the above/below divide of a floating iceberg, we used hidden depths as a visual device to communicate Berg’s uniqueness.

The iceberg device also created a defined horizon line which could be used to highlight the three varieties and could stretch further into marketing and social media. When transferred into art direction and photography the horizon line provides a perfect colour blocking feature, naturally lending itself to beaches, fences and other linear features.

The deep blue brand colour contrasts with the rich pinks, purples and yellows of the fruit flavours, communicating the product in a minimal yet playful way. We wanted the design to describe a strong, singular idea about flavour and freshness of the product, using simple visual cues associated with clean, refreshing tastes.

Lion approached us to develop the brand identity for Berg, a new alcoholic seltzer free from artificial colours and preservatives. Berg is simply sparkling water, alcohol, and a light dash of fruit flavour for sweetness with minimal carbs and calories. It’s the perfect refreshing summer drink, aimed at a new generation who care deeply about premium ingredients and clean tastes.

Like it’s icy floating namesake, there’s more to Berg than meets the eye, it’s complex process resulting in a surprisingly fresh taste. With the meteoric rise of hard seltzers on the market providing stiff competition, Berg needed a high level of visual interest to get across its point of difference. Projecting a strong shelf presence and developing a cohesive design idea was essential to elevate Berg above the crowded pack.

The finished product is a drink with a sophisticated look and unique appeal for discerning drinkers yearning for a more refined alternative. Berg was a summer hit on liquor store shelves, adding a touch of class to the hard seltzer category and inspiring a new wave of drinkers to step outside their comfort zone and try something a bit different. We like to say it’s refreshingly deep.