MAKEBARDO 8 Love Beauty Foods

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Bren Imboden, Luis Viale
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Ruby Blake (lifestyle photography), Lucy Alcorn (studio photography), New Territory (website)
  • Client
    Love Beauty Foods

Love Beauty Foods (LBF) is a purpose-driven brand located in Newcastle on the Awabakal land in Australia. They specialise in producing zero-waste beauty and wellness essentials. They approached us for assistance with updating their packaging, but we went further and conducted a complete brand narrative overhaul to align with their commitment to sustainability.

The brand narrative takes inspiration from cairn sculptures traditionally used to mark paths in nature. We use this symbol to represent the essence of LBF — a company that guides people towards more conscious and balanced consumption. To bring this concept to life, we designed a monogram with geometric shapes that, when used vertically, creates a balanced cairn that embodies the brand's concept. The logo maintains readability even when rotated, making it adaptable to any brand asset and converting it into the protagonist over the identity.

The packaging is easily recognisable thanks to the large-scale logo displayed on the front. The cohesive look created by the repetitive layout and clear colour system across all products ensures that the brand will not go unnoticed. The logo changes the colour to define each product's flavour/scent, and the rest of the content is tinted with the same colour to reduce ink usage. Everything the brand says is relevant, so we built the label with a clear front and rotated texts to achieve continuity in the reading experience. Additionally, we opted to use only one typography to unify the communication, bringing simplicity to the brand since it advocates not using elements unnecessarily. As sustainability is a core value at LBF, we use FSC-certified cardboard for the boxes/labels and glass for the bottles/jars.

Our design decisions reflect LBF's commitment to sustainability and authenticity, resulting in a powerful minimalist design that aligns with the brand's essence.