Apostle Hot Sauce Apostle Hot Sauce Bottle Design

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Lydia Harfield
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Juju Tattoos, Mathew Watkins
  • Client
    Apostle Hot Sauce

The hot sauce market is largely dominated by hyper-masculine imagery often depicting skulls, flames, pain and Hell. Apostle Hot Sauce is a rebellion against this ‘boys club’. Apostle is gentle, friendly and uses divine imagery inspired by Christian iconography and the mystical elements of tarot.

Each bottle features its own Saint whose character is respectfully and tastefully represented, with elements of their own symbolic motifs and iconographic story woven into each illustration. Every element of the illustrations are hand-drawn with simple line work to emulate the lead calms used to bind stain glass.

The slightly unconventional, soft colour palette contrasts against the colour of each flavour, and provides a calming more ethereal feel to each bottle to enhance the spiritual mystique of the pictured Saint.
As for materials, the glass bottles were chosen to convey a more antiquated apothecary-like design, and the inclusion of the golden lid mirrors a halo as featured in each illustration.

The illustrations have kept their hand drawn texture, and are printed on off-white wine stock to enhance the small batch, premium feel. On the lid of the bottle is a paper tamper label printed with our logo. It was important to us to use 100% paper labels and recyclable bottles and lids to align with the sustainability ambitions of the brand.