For The People 14 Du Cane Brewing Co.

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Jason Little, Jo Roca
  • Kaituhi Matua / Copywriter Lead
    Daniel St Vincent
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Georgia Urie, Dash O’Brien-Georgeson, Alice Marrows, Monique Tadrous
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Sam Lyne
  • Client
    Du Cane Brewing Co.

Du Cane is a brewery located in Launceston, Tasmania. Brainchild of brewer and guide, Will Horan, the brewery is inspired by the rugged Du Cane Ranges, and the moments experienced on (and off) the trails.

Wishing to meet growing local demand, Du Cane sought a rebrand, one that would not only consolidate their existing range and introduce the brewery, and its story, to the world, but pay strict reverence to the Du Cane Ranges, guide/walking culture, and their Tassie roots.

But how do you grow from a nanobrewery without losing your Tassie roots? To invite the world into Du Cane whilst minimising the footprint out in nature? To grow Du Cane whilst keeping the brewery staunchly localised?

The result is an identity inspired by the Ranges and local guide/walking culture, inviting the drinker into the world of Du Cane. This identity is designed to capture and pay tribute to the unique geography and moments experienced on and off the Du Cane trails.

As packaging is often the first port of call (and most discussed aspect) between a craft beer drinker and the beer, the packaging played an essential role in conveying Du Cane’s story and attitude — and needed to project the drinker into the world of Du Cane. Therefore each element of the packaging, from the cans to the cartons, reflects a different experience from the Ranges, with each varietal and beer name matched to the environment best drunk in. The logotype embodies the mountain range; varietal lockups are inspired by trig points; colours reflect the environment and vintage guide clothing; and illustrations are journal sketches of landmarks. Storytelling also played an important role on the cans and cartons, paying homage to land and nature artists, guide etiquette, and the quiet, tangible moments experienced along the journey.

On the often crowded craft beer industry fridge shelf of life, Du Cane’s minimalistic colours and illustrations, and transportative stories, have created a connection beyond just the drinker and the brewery — but between the drinker and the outdoors. As such, Du Cane has been embraced by locals and has seen them grow (just the right amount) into the wider Australian market.