Inhouse 78 The Hotel Britomart

Large Brand Identity 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Arch MacDonnell
  • Design Director
    Toby Curnow
  • Team Members
    Arch MacDonnell, Toby Curnow, Alexandra Turner, Alistair McCready, Dean Foster, Jane MacDonnell
  • Contributors
    Toaki Okano, Jodie Fay, Jeremy Hansen
  • Client
    Cooper and Company

The Hotel Britomart, a cornerstone of Auckland’s most vibrant downtown neighbourhood is located within a nine-block precinct, bustling with energy and contrasts that make up a dynamic and diverse business community. This idea sits at the core of The Hotel Britomart’s logo suite. It is represented through an array of squares that relate to the nine blocks’ diversity, the hotel’s brick exterior, and the irregular constellation of windows scattered across it. The logo mark is the most visible element of The Hotel Britomart visual identity. It is a universal signature across all brand touchpoints. It is a versatile graphic element that can be used in various ways; an image mask, a housing device for images, a housing for abstract graphics, and a visual metaphor. The identity is far-reaching and embedded into the building, from wayfinding signage systems to branded pencils and notebooks. The hotel collateral features a mix of hi-fi and lo-fi materials, a signature feature of the Britomart precinct. Foil finishes on raw boxboard, one colour letterpress printing on luxurious coloured stocks. Never shouty — the identity is purposefully understated with attention to details that symbolically embody the hotel’s standards, quality, and future goals.