FCB New Zealand 14 Four Square

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Leisa Wall, Peter Vegas
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Josh O'Neill
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Augusta Mercer, Hayley Marks, Hugh O'Connor, Sue Kipling
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Diane Clark, Duncan Jones, India Moynagh, Jane Wardlaw, Jenni Doubleday, Scott Kelly, Simon Pengelly, Victoria Baldwin
  • Client
    Foodstuffs New Zealand
Judge's comments:

We loved how the Kiwi classic was modernised for the future, while keeping the bright positive sentiment. Thumbs up from us!


Four Square have been faithfully serving their communities for almost a century but needed a new visual identity to equip them as they step into a new phase as a business. Long known as the place you pick up an ice cream after the beach, or some snags for a BBQ back at the bach, Four Square is focusing on a new core purpose — to be the dependably convenient brand that makes Kiwis’ lives that little bit easier.

The new positioning succinctly expresses that purpose; ‘What’ll it be today?’ heroes the benefits of local service, and the desire to help solve customers’ problems. The new identity needed to match that bright and positive sentiment, have universal appeal, and cut through in a crowded marketing environment.

Because Four Square occupies such an iconic position in Kiwi culture, there was an importance placed on improving the saliency of the heritage elements. This was the starting point, as 10 different logo variations were unified into a single recognisable mark, and Mr Four Square was given a modern treatment, incorporated into our positioning line in a series of colourful lock-ups. The original red / yellow / green palette was reintroduced, optimised for the digital realm, while also reconnecting with the physical stores.

With Four Square’s co-operative business model, there would be a myriad of demands on the identity, with many hands touching it. For this reason the focus was placed on creating a compact set of complementary assets that worked seamlessly across all channels. A new brand typeface was developed to convey the brand sentiment in the most effective way, and act to enhance the witty tone of voice coming through the writing. A second typeface, a playful reworking of Grotesque No.9, is utilised in secondary copy, and the stickers that hero the positioning line.

The photographic direction became a celebration of the ordinary, finding the magic mid-meal with hungry fingers plucking a tomato off a plate, or in the aftermath of a panicked baking session. Reflective of everyday life and establishing a distinctive, human-centric approach that sits in refreshing contrast to the generic images of their competitors. The colour palette was strengthened, extending into a secondary palette that supported the primary tones. This provided stretch across all four seasons, and allows room to play in the days in between. A comprehensive brand document consolidates the assets, and outlays how best to create spirited and personality packed communications for Four Square.

Four Square aims to authentically connect with Kiwis, acknowledging that life sometimes means you’ve run out of tomato sauce, or that packet of yeast at the back of the cupboard has expired. They will be there to help — and with a smile. The visual identity carries this sentiment, warmly asking: ‘What’ll it be today?’