Enigma Communication SYD X - Luxury Precinct at Sydney Airport

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Brad Stevens - Group Creative Director, Brand, Tim Brown - Executive Creative Director, Pete Buckley - Executive Creative Director
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Gerad Petherbridge - Strategy
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Laura Popa – Business Partner, Aline Fagundes - Business Manager, Lulu Chia - Senior Designer, Anastasia Liolio - Designer, Jhon Riano – Motion Designer, Rebecca Bolton - Designer, Ryan McGrath – Production, Mitchell Bozzetto - Copywriter
  • Client
    Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has endured one of the most unprecedented disruptions to travel in history, and despite not knowing when travel would return to normal and borders both domestically and internationally would re-open, they continued to invest in building a high-fashion shopping precinct that would be a world-class experience.

Our challenge was how to develop a strategy, brand ID and a go-to-market integrated campaign that would be befitting of a luxury precinct, and also begin to build a brand for Sydney Airport longer term in the lead up to Western Sydney Airport opening.


Our strategy was to establish SYD X as a high fashion experience and destination, unparalleled outside of the airport. Our guiding insight viewed airports as magical places where the rules of our normal lives don’t make it through customs. A space where extraordinary must-experience things happen. Developing a high-fashion precinct, whilst also a customer journey mapped across the airport and media assets to ultimately change behaviour to arrive early to experience and shop at 20 of the world’s best luxury brands, all in the one place.

Idea behind the concept

Launching in February 2023, exactly one year since the Australian international borders reopened quarantine free, we created the brand identity that is inspired by the chaos and joy of an airport, whilst bringing a high fashion editorial lens. Founded on the brand platform ‘The Space Between’: a place that defines new luxury – exclusive and only accessible between borders, a place that exists outside the regular world, it’s unconventional and unique. The ‘X’ brand mnemonic device taps into the transient nature of this world, the physical space and invites consumers for their own interpretation and adventure.


SYD X launch campaign rolled across OOH, print, digital, earned, influencers, performance, social as well mapped a creative customer journey for travelers arriving through to departing via T1 Terminal. From fashion runway to airport runway, a formal sit-down launch party was hosted on the international runway with over 300 attendees to mark the launch of the SYD X brand and celebrate with over 20 high-fashion retailers.

Our fusion process and ability to work with Sydney Airport from strategy, brand ID development, GTM campaign and media buying, allowed us to work efficiently with Sydney Airport but also maximise creative for results.

Solution and Impact

Our integrated capability allowed us to be nimble in going to market, but also optimise creative since the launch in February:

Over 12m impressions on Meta, resonating across our highly targeted audiences (high fashion interest, Chinese luxury buyers and affluent Western Sydney) and over 300,000 engagements.

We developed bespoke TikTok content co-created with influencers, with a 12.2% CTR above average for the audience targeted.

So far tracking ahead on our reach for OOH based on campaign period.

Over 150,000 new website users to SYD X.
Positive retail engagement and tracking to retail sales KPIs since the campaign launched.

With the campaign ramping up to the European summer holidays, we’ll begin planning the next phase of the campaign.