Richards Partners 34 Amaia of Takapuna

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Caroline Konarkowska
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Kyle Ranudo, Tommy Chin, Ro Chen, Brya Taylor, Brian Richards, Scott Wallace, Gier Jong
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Jinki Cambronero, Toaki Okano, Jessica Gernat, Vertigo Motion, One to One Hundred, Jamie Bichan
  • Client
    Kingstone Property

Amaia is a property development brand that combines the best of urban, suburban and coastal living, emphasising warmth, connection, and community.

As part of the marketing of the development, we collaborated with the architect, the sales team, and the developer to direct, curate and design the Amaia show suite. The show suite is designed around a full-scale recreation of a three-bedroom apartment, and incorporates ‘Picollo’ (Takapuna Beach Cafe) to give potential residents a feel for the mixed-use philosophy of the development.

To maximise visibility and draw pedestrians in to explore the Amaia show suite, an eye-level backlit Amaia symbol offers a warm glow at all hours of the day.

When potential buyers walk into the show suite, they are greeted with a full view of the display apartment’s living room and kitchen. To their left, is a scale model of the development’s master plan, accompanied by a 2D master plan on the wall to help understand the lay of the land.

The area around the display apartment was designed to be a circulation space that helps tell the philosophy behind Amaia. Beginning with the corridor along the north wall, potential buyers can view large-scale renders that show exterior elements of the development not visible in the display suite, such as the coastal boardwalk and the green space that will surround the residential buildings. These renders are double-sided, with the renders facing the outside intentionally selected to entice passersby into coming inside, maximising the visual footprint and overall impact of the show suite.

Opposite these renders and mounted on the walls of the display suite, are white acrylic boards which step through the philosophy of Amaia. They are numbered alongside the trajectory the sales agents take viewers through the show suite. Beginning with an overview of the development, these boards step through Amaia’s location, community, interiors, and configurations. Each board is strategically placed near a render or feature of the display suite related to the topic discussed. For example the ‘materials’ lab sits alongside the floorplans and potential buyers are able to pick up and feel samples of the materials and fittings that will be used in their new homes.

Lighting was a key consideration in the look and feel of the space, creating ambient warm hues that evoke the sunshine hours during sunrise and sunset — times that our ‘young professional’ target audience would find themselves at home. A custom scent inspired by the botanicals that surround the development was also created in collaboration with our client, designed to be diffused throughout the show suite.

The end result is a beautifully-designed experience that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or practicality. Storytelling is key to such an ambitious development, so it was important for us to work with the agents and architects to design a show suite that enabled Amaia’s salespeople to communicate the vision of a development that advocates for the redefinition of our urban neighbourhoods.