Inhouse 78 The Hotel Britomart Poster Series

Environmental Graphics 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Arch MacDonnell
  • Design Director
    Toby Curnow
  • Team Members
    Arch MacDonnell, Toby Curnow
  • Client
    Cooper and Company

When The Hotel Britomart was under construction, a series of art poster projects were commissioned to adorn the protective hoardings around the construction site’s perimeter. The final poster instalment for the project was reserved for the tenant as a promotional exercise for the soon-to-opened hotel. Instead of the traditional ‘opening soon’ advertising approach, we opted to keep the previous poster series’ artistic precedent. Playful use of the Hotel Britomart logo was the organising idea. Applying a common geometry to all posters allowed the graphical elements to flex and play within the predetermined grid.