Harley Johnston Design 9 Interior Life Omotesando

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Harley Johnston
  • Client
    Ben Yau

Omotesando is a tree-lined street in Tokyo. It stretches from Harajuku station up to Ayoma Dori and houses high level fashion outlets with beautiful modern architecture.

The new Omotesando restaurant on Miller street in North Sydney evokes the spirit of its Japanese name-sake with its tree lined street below and Japanese food and atmosphere. Being on Omotesando means being under the Japanese Elms – Zelcova Serata Makino – to represent the act of falling leaves a stylised leaf traces the path of the Japanese letters. The letterforms were then screen printed in stark white on black canvas and made in to a set of flags and curtains to spell out the name of the restaurant.